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I have a macro in one workbook that opens another workbook and extracts data I have used Application. Activate Next i Count ' Turn off application events to prevent external workbook events from being activated Application.

Screen Updating = False in the macro but when the other Workbook is opened Screen Updating is on How can I turn off Screen Updating in the other workbook from within the calling macro? Enable Events = False If I use the watch window to look at Application. Activte line is run Unless I am missing something why not try opening the source WB, storing the data in "Get Data(i Count)" in an Array , exit the loop then ,activate This Workbook again, turnoff the sreen updating and do all the formatting work in one go by retreiving the Data stored in the Array. OK - this is a new concept which I don't quite understand.

Looking at his benchmark and its VBA code you can see that has Screen Updating ON and repeatedly calculates in Automatic mode.

Each calculation triggers some RANDBETWEEN functions with a number of dependent cells.

Screen Updating = False ' Cycle thru each section and copy section data into this workbook For i Count = 0 To 4 Get Data(i Count) ' Get each range This Workbook. Activate Call Format Cells ' Format each range Windows("OCISF Activity Planner").

His results seem to show a massive performance decline in later Excel versions.Version 1.0 enabled a blank screensaver that turned the screen black.The code has been updated by the developer, and in recent versions, it turns off the screen.I ran Gurs benchmark on my desktop PC with Excel 2003 to Excel 2013., with a constant screen area visible (rows 8 and columns A: BF).Since I cannot install Excel 2016 on the same PC as previous versions without causing unwanted problems I used a VM on my desktop and also ran the benchmark on my Surface Pro 3.

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