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In 2015, she became the first transgender woman in Armenia to legally change her name on her passport.The Right Side negotiated with the Civil Status Acts Registration Agency of the Staff of the Ministry of Justice to make the name change possible.At a parliamentary hearing held by the National Assembly in Yerevan on April 5, Martirosyan, the president of the Right Side nongovernmental organization, called for legal protection for transgender people in Armenia who often face harassment and violence.“I ask you to see me as a collective figure,” Martirosyan told Armenian lawmakers and activists.“I encompass in myself the tortured, raped, kidnapped, subjected to physical violence …

But many activists say that not much has changed for the community under Pashinyan, who was swept to power by the street protests.At AUA, Burnham sensed a need for a safe space for gay, lesbian, transgender students allies on campus.That’s what led him to start a group under conditions by the school’s administration that he keep it anonymous.The hearing was meant to cover issues of judicial reform and disability rights.A few days later, on April 8, there was backlash against Martirosyan.

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