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having to spend the night outside," said the skipper.

engineer did not answer, and they ate their supper in silence. When they had eaten the canned apricots with which the meal finished the "Hell, The Chink brought them a cup of tea.

Copyright 1946, 1947, by Curtis Publishing Com "Mutiny" pany. by Sir Arthur Grimble, from We Chose the Islands, copyright 1952, by Sir Arthur Grimble, reprinted by permission of William Mor "Assignment row with an & Company, (Canadian "A Octopus," title: A Inc.

From The Trembling of a Leaf, reprinted by permission of Doubleday & Company, Inc. Michener, reprinted by permission of The Macmillan Company from Tales of the South Pacific. Black and the White" by Eugene Burdick, reprinted by permission of the pub from The Blue of Capricorn, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1961. B." by Robert Dean Frisbie, from Atlantic Monthly, May, 1931, copyright 1931 by Robert Dean Frisbie, reprinted by permission of Harold Ober Associates, Inc.

be just seen winding its tortuous way, and it led him presently to a broad creek.

There was a bridge across it, but a bridge constructed of single trunks of coconut trees, a dozen of them, a forked placed end to end and supported where they met by branch driven into the bed of the creek.

The skipper sank into a deck chair and smoked idly. The native song sounded strange on these instruments. It was a barbaric dance, savage and primeval, rapid, with quick movements of the hands and feet and contortions it was sensual, sexual even, but sexual without was very animal, direct, weird without mystery, natural in short, and one might almost say childlike. They stretched themselves on the deck and lifted himself heavily slept, and all was silent. It BEST SOUTH SEA STORIES 6 He out of his chair and clambered down the companion. But next morning, when the dawn crept over the tranquil had eluded them the night sea, the opening in the reef which The before was seen a little to the east of where they lay. There was not a ripple on the surface of the water.

But the Kanaka shouted down that he could see nothing but the unbroken line of foam. But when they had to they a gone RED 5 couple of miles he realized that they had missed it. The white foam of the reef continued without interruption and now the sun was With a curse at the stupidity of the crew the skipper himself to waiting till next morning. When the sail was furled the ship began to roll a good deal.

Introduction: "The fascination of the ghost story", by A. He was dressed in blue overalls and a sleeveless jersey that showed his thin arms tattooed from elbow to wrist.

The engineer was a long, lean man with a scraggy neck.

and THE LURE South Seas has at from Herman Mel many ville, Jack London, and Robert Louis Stevenson to W. The Kanaka at the wheel gave him a glance, but did not speak.

Poe.-- The sylph and the father, b .95 BEST SOUTH SEA STORIES and edited by selected GROVE DAY CARL STROVEN A. He looked at it and then looked again at the declining sun.

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