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Chelsey gets run through more than fields on a farm. She can’t make up get mind on who she wants to be with, so she’ll just be with them all.Best believe even if she’s in a relationship, she’s still sleeping with more than that one guy. Flashback to 2014, Bre (as she likes to be called) professes her crush on my husband. Now they’re hanging out and eventually sleeping together.I found a bag in the back of her car with clothes in which was unusual and I found a phone in her car hid in the car also.Finally I had enough , used a GPS tracking device , one night when she said she had to work and what do you know she went to the airport and then to a hotel close to the airport.✌ Melissa Kennedy Hedrick thought she could stroke the ego of my boyfriend.

So then I started poking around she was asleep I looked in her phone found emails to another guy saying I love you I miss you.

Met my boyfriend on an app called and proceeded to send him pictures of her flat chest, children, and tell stories about her “pepsi days” even wanted to fly my boyfriend out and was gonna pay too. She and I were together almost 4 years, her kids called me dad and I did anything and everything for them.

We had a great life until the last 6 months of our relationship.

I noticed her behavior was changing so I started to watch her closely.

She was getting home later than usual from work and going outside to talk on the phone so that is when I started to investigate things.

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