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) A dough-ful of sugar, a couple cups of angst, and a dash of salt in there.

Oh and not to forget the tablespoons of fluff in there.

When Adrien “accidentally” reads Marinette’s diary he gets schooled on a side to his sweet and shy friend that he never knew existed. Confide in his best friend Ladybug to get a girl’s perspective, of course. But you probably don't believe me like most of the other people in my life.

Knowing that she’s not nearly as innocent as she seems turns him inside out. Because there’s no way this could possibly go wrong… AKA the one in which Adrien is suffering, Chat Noir needs advice, Ladybug is her own wing man and Marinette is a virgin on a mission After Marinette creates a Sims game with everyone in her class, Chat Noir shows up to hear what all the whispers were about. Perhaps it would help if I started close to the beginning. Its hard to keep pining for the same guy for years.

The following links listed below will take you to the different MUNI routes; please select the most convenient route, click to see the schedule & map. Ask the driver to let you off at the corner of California St. 28 - 19th Ave: Ask the driver to let you off at the corner of Geary Blvd. Head east on Geary (towards downtown) and turn left at Funston Ave. Then board bus route # 38 or #38R on Geary Blvd & Kearny St.She wasn't about to come back by choice, but she could hardly turn down the opportunity to be committed to wax as herself.Not if she wanted to grab every opportunity to have the eye of the industry upon her once she’d be ready to grab her shot as a fashion designer.Especially since she is 100% sure that Adrien will be the next victim.At the same time, Cat Noir comes to the same conclusions and is prepared to watch over Marinette.

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An Alpha born with green eyes that possessed the touch of death in his claws and one special Omega that could tame him.

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