Shenae grimes and matt lanter dating 2016

Some of these 16 stars reached the potential we saw for them, whereas others, well, not so much.

As in most teen dramas, it’s hard to get past the cheesy storylines and character tropes to break into something more serious or artistically – and critically – fulfilling.

The bad boy with a heart of mush inside, Matt Lanter’s role as Liam Court had all the ladies wanting to find the good underneath that leather jacket.

As the lover of almost all the main cast on the show, including Anna Lynne Mc Cord’s Naomi, Sara Foster’s Jen, Jessica Stroup’s Silver, Shenae Grimes-Beech’s Annie, and so many more!

Similar to his character, Wilds has also dabbled in music, releasing some tracks while still on the show, and, as of 2016, was signed to Roc Nation – his debut album was even nominated for a Grammy in 2014!Fortunately for these actors, though, their personal and professional lives were hardly as dramatic as those of their characters. As Annie Clark, Grimes was a fish-out-of-water in Beverly Hills who was pretty innocent at first, until, of course, that incident involving a drunken hit-and-run in the very first season and a later stint as an escort.So now, like any good high school reunion, let’s look at what these actors are up to – and what they look like! Grimes, of course, hasn’t had quite so tumultuous a life off-screen. Ten years is a long time, though, and even actors who were well into their second or even third decade of life age and grow and get better or worse, as actors as well as people.Like regular high school, there are success stories and failures.

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The actress shared cheeky photos of the two of them that made it appear as though they were involved but, alas, it was all a publicity stunt for her music video. used adult actors to play teenagers, but Donovan was in his thirties when he was cast as Teddy Montgomery!

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