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She was wearing a blue-and-white striped bikini top that barely contained her DD breasts, and some Denham short-shorts made for someone with a much smaller butt, meaning the bottom of her bottom fell out her shorts. Her breath slowed as her eyes closed, as if giving in to a temptation. A loud clattering shocked us both back into the real world, as her cat nocked a saucepan from the drying rack.

I was wearing a tight tank-top, chosen to show off as much muscle as possible to the girls at the part, and ¾ length shorts... We quickly parted and went back to our stations at the sink, me washing and her drying. She smiled, her eyed fixedly on the ground, "oh no, don''s been hectic lately..." "Shit shit shit shit what just happened" I thought.

But this was before we'd reached our sexual maturity, so we never went any further.

When she got a boyfriend at about 13, this stopped.

She had strikingly pink lips which inspired many adolescent dreams of sucking, kissing, licking and fucking.

She had a large bust above a slightly rounded stomach which gave way to two large thighs she would get out in the summer. I splashed some water at her, stopping the laughter instantly and changing into a shocked gasp for air. " She grabbed her glass of water and chucked it at me.

Elita was a girl of Greek decent, whose skin had a rich, reddish-brown tint.

Her eyes were as dark a brown as her shoulder length hair.

My hands raced around her body, caressing her back before finally my left hand fell on her buttock and my right hand made haste with her bra.As we washed and wiped away, we started talking about life before her boyfriend. "She's only been single two weeks she must think I'm an utter weirdo shit shit shit." I glanced over at her.Her cheeks had gone a bright shade of red, her eyes fix totally on what she was drying.I could tell by her expression she was upset over what had happened.My eyed went down her body to her now soaking chest.

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