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SSC/OSSA fees will be paid directly to them using their MAS system when registering at the club.

These fees are not yet finalized for posting as noted in the linked document. We are running an Introduction to Speed Skating sessions on either Tuesday or Friday evenings throughout September and into early October.

As the current government had a majority, the passage of a non-confidence motion was not a likely option for calling an early election, though Premier Kathleen Wynne stated in June 2015 that she would likely advise to dissolve the Legislature in spring 2018 rather than in October of that year in order to avoid any conflict with municipal elections and take advantage of better weather and longer days.

To put this on a statutory footing, in October 2016 Attorney General of Ontario Yasir Naqvi introduced a bill in the Legislative Assembly which, in part, included moving the election date to "the first Thursday in June in the fourth calendar year following polling day in the most recent general election", The Ontario Liberal Party attempted to win their fifth consecutive general election, dating back to 2003.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario won their first election since 1999, and the Ontario New Democratic Party attempted to win their second election (having previously won in 1990).

This election was the first time Ontario used vote counting machines for a provincial election, although tabulators have been used in Ontario civic elections for more than 20 years, and also in a 2016 by-election in Whitby-Oshawa.Please refer to the as to your registration requirements.How many skaters, if you require skate rental, boot rental or blade rental and how many nights per week and we will send you an invoice which you can then pay via email money transfer to the address noted above.Twenty-four other parties and numerous independent candidates also received votes.increased the number of electoral districts from 107 to 122, following the boundaries set out by the federal 2013 Representation Order for Ontario, while preserving the special boundaries of the 11 seats in Northern Ontario set out in the 1996 redistribution.

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Tuesday August 27th from pm till 8 pm and Wednesday August 28th from pm till 8 pm.

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