Sprung dating game becky story walkthrough

Beginning the adventure, players can choose to take the role of either Brett or Becky.Brett's a cute but not overly confident ski bum who's been secretly in love with Becky since the second grade.At times, the only way through a conversation will be to enter the item menu and pick out the right doodad to use – chewing gum to freshen the breath before a stolen kiss, a rose for a thoughtful present.Not all is rosy, though – in one absolutely unbearable scene, Becky must get ready for a date by putting on a dozen different makeup items one after another, in the right order.The system's dual screens show both conversation partners at once, so you can gauge your dates' reactions by their facial expressions, which are animated in cartoon style.But although is a linear, scene-by-scene affair that offers only one (extremely obvious, if you've been reading closely) outcome. Calling him a jerk, or being too soft about it would probably end things here. The first choice nets you an attempt at the laxatives path, which I can't get on my DS or in the emulator. Almost every choice in this stage is Game Over - usually with Conor leaving for one reason or another. So vague that no one - and I mean NO ONE (including the player) could possibly know what I was talking about.

Steer the conversation the right way and you'll progress to the next round.

You won't be able to progress until you get everything perfect, and this can get mighty repetitive.

It's good, then, that Mc Guiness' dialogue is spot-on.

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It was time to go to Sanctuary and unleash my Master Plan.

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Version .94 02/01/05 -New Month, More Work -Finished "Becky's Cine-dream! Version .93 01/31/05 -Finished "A Snowbird Shopping Spree" of Becky's story. Version .92 01/29/05 -Finished "Southern Comfort" of Becky's Story. Version .76 01/19/05 Hands still in much pain lol ^_^ -Finished a level of Brett's story. And as if that's not bad enough, you had to walk in on it.

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