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— excerpted exclusively in the new issue of PEOPLE — the R&B star reveals how the blood disorder has impacted her life an how her kids are helping her through.

“I have to worry about it every day of my life,” Watkins, 47, says of sickle-cell disease.

" asks the model and journalist Veronica Webb, who admits to having known such men.

I don’t want my daughter or son to feel my pain,” she says.

Eventually, my body shut down and I fell into a coma.

I spent three days unconscious in the ICU.” Over the years, Watkins faced a series of tragedies: the 2002 car crash that killed her friend and bandmate Lopes, divorce from Rolison in 2004, and a brain tumor in 2006 which she battled successfully.

“On the first night, the nurses told me I needed to breastfeed her. And they make you feel so guilty if you don’t pop your t—–s out for the baby immediately,” Watkins writes in .

“But sickle-cell patients need every drop of fluid they can get, and losing that much breast milk almost stopped my heart.

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