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Piles of laundry covering your bedroom floor, dirty dishes sitting in the sink, and overflowing garbage cans are examples of bad cleanliness habits.Whether you’re living together or apart, it’s important to take care of your space, clean up after yourself on a regular basis, and not view your partner as your housekeeper.Snooping may be easier and more tempting in current times due to technology and social media, but not respecting your partner’s privacy is a big no-no, and, oftentimes, once you start this habit, it’s very hard to stop.How To Break It: When you have the urge to snoop, check in with yourself on the why, and remind yourself that snooping isn’t the solution to whatever larger issues are at play.While you may be coming from a place of love, forcing your partner to talk to you and spend time with you only creates distance.

Also, ask yourself how you would feel if your partner snooped behind your back.

If your clinginess is coming from anxiety or feeling abandoned, work to resolve these core issues and develop coping skills for self-soothing, stress reduction, and anxiety management.

While snooping and finding nothing suspicious may give you a sense of security, this habit destroys your partner’s trust in you and leads you down the path of surveillance.

So change the structure of your statements to “I’d really like it if you took out the trash” or “It’s really important to me that you are on time to our plans.” Taking ownership of how you feel and what you’re looking for will allow you to communicate without sounding critical, bossy, or controlling.

Also, practice being patient, picking your battles, and accepting the reality that you don’t have control over your partner and his or her behavior.

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By being aware of the obvious and not-so-obvious behaviors that can drive your partner away, you can work toward making healthier choices and breaking any bad habits that may interfere with love.

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