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If you live in the IC, the Waterfront Shack isn't that great for you, so you should probably live in the "Guard House", a house in the Elven Gardens District, you can live there (has 4 or 5 beds in the Quarters), you can train there, since the basement is equipped for that.Put trophies up on display: Rosethorn Hall is good for this.Guild-oriented quests will simply sweeten the variety of missions you can undertake for your patron city. Report to the Guard Captain, and the Count or Countess from time to time.It is not illegal to loiter within Bravil's barracks, but it is locked.Perhaps the Orum gang has gone too far and has raided a citizens house, or they have murdered the citizen.It is your duty to maintain law and order, you must put the clues together in order to solve the murder case.Patrol the castle or guard your leader, possibly use the frenzy spell on a certain guard so that it looks as if he is an assassin, secretly trying to assassinate your leader.

Solve the case by either killing the culprit or by fining them (take money from them with the console).Help your fellow guards out if they are attacked or in combat.Honour your fallen comrades by placing their weapon across their corpse in a certain fashion in a sign of respect.Being a detective means preventing those kinds of things from happening. Your job as a detective is to investigate crime scenes and evidence, using the information to lead you to a suspect or group of suspects.Hopefully, with enough investigation and deductive powers, you prevent anything bad from happening. Maybe a homicide detective, crime scene investigator, or even one who deals with drugs rings.

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