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These symptoms can lead to problems at work, school and in social situations.

Low self-esteem and conflict are common consequences of difficulties with impulse control, emotional instability and difficulty recognizing social cues.

For others, it might mean an increased fear of trusting others — or even trouble trusting themselves.

Whatever your experience with repressed abusive memories looks like, we want you to know you aren’t alone.

Although it was originally designed as an outpatient treatment for women diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, DBT has grown into an effective treatment for people with a wide variety of diagnoses and problems.

Most of us have encountered such environments at some point in our lives and we commonly deal with them by changing our behavior to meet expectations, or by changing the environment so that it is no longer invalidating, or, ultimately, by simply leaving the environment.

DBT has also been adapted and evaluated for other populations, including adult ADHD.

DBT’s approach balances a focus on behavioral change with acceptance, compassion, and validation for the individual receiving services.

Clinical trials have found DBT to be effective in reducing self-injurious behavior and inpatient psychiatric days in women diagnosed with BPD.

These trials also found it to be helpful in reducing anger and improving social adjustment.

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We wanted to know how repressed childhood memories of abuse can affect people in adulthood, so we asked members of our Mighty community to share one way their repressed memories affect them now.

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