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Again tried in ultragrid_keypress it works fine but only for those colomns which i specified. i tied by validating the text box in text key press use.I can use Ultra Text Editor but it is showing a $ symbol followed by ____...____. I have checked the mask settings but nothing is ther.so can you tell me how to remove $____.____ and also how to capture the value entered by user .The thing I was most nervous about at my VSLive presentation was question time. I had timed my presentation, and it went for just over 1 hour, but in the words of a famous poet... People from the audience stopped me mid-way through to ask questions. The following script can be used to verify that both import and export work tempdb-- Create a test tablecreate table Bulk Test(Test Key INT NOT NULL, Test Data NVARCHAR(50) NULL, CONSTRAINT Bulk Test_PK_Constraint PRIMARY KEY (Test Key ASC))-- Add some test data INSERT INTO Bulk Test(Test Key, Test Data)VALUES(1, 'This is just some test data')INSERT INTO Bulk Test(Test Key, Test Data)VALUES(2, 'This is some more test data')INSERT INTO Bulk Test(Test Key, Test Data)VALUES(3, 'It is important to have test data')-- perform bulk Export using bcp command line utility-- bcp Most of the questions I was able to answer, but there was one that I said "I think the answer is yes, but I'll get back to you". You can assign this to Cancel Update, which reverts the row to old values or Retain Data And Activation to leave the updated values for the user to correct.

Infragistics Ultra Web Grid is an important tool in ‘Net Advantage for ASp. Ultra Web Grid has built in AJAX functionality, along with enhanced performance and improved GUI. By clicking on ‘*’ or ‘Add New’ Button will open up the Row Edit Template which we’ll be using later in this article.Recently Joshua from Perficiency Development made some enhancements to it when he was trying to get it to work with Epicor. With this new enhancements and the fact that someone asked about it on the Epicor mailing list I decided to throw together this short tutorial on how to get it working in Epicor. If I try to edit my column to a blank string, my Cell Data Error event is raised, as I expect.Then however, I want to hit Cancel on my whole dialog (the cell still blank), and this triggers the validation again.

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In this article we’ll learn how to use Ultra Web Grid’s Row Edit Template using Java Script. Define the Row Edit Template for your Ultra Web Grid by adding the following lines of code to your Grid HTML You may wish to validate the boxes on OK button click, you can define your Validate Template() function and put necessary code according to your requirements The function call igtbl_g Row Edit Button Click(event); is Ultra Web Grid’s built in call that will handle the ‘OK’ or ‘Cancel’ button click In between your What happens when a user double clicks on any row or item, our function will just return 1 without doing anything means that there would be no operation in that case // called when a cell, row label, or column header is double clicked function Dbl Click(table Name, item Name) Our Purpose is to handle the Row Edit Template using javascript, This following function will be called just before the Row Edit Template is being closed.

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