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Like most executive-level jobs, pilots work very hard and work chaotic long hours.

So, no looking for dates, no bad matches and with 100% of our profiles verified by our Customer Care you don’t have to worry about online safety - although we have a guide in case you’d like to bone up. A quick Google search will tell you that most of the articles out there have ominous titles like ‘surviving dating a pilot’ or ‘the pros and cons of dating a pilot’.

Check in frequently, and don’t invite someone you’ve never met in person over to your home.

Uniforms do bring an air of trust with them, but it’s up to you to maintain your safety standards until you get to know the person who is wearing the uniform!

That responsibility is an attribute that will span all aspects of their life, including their relationship.

So, are you looking for: Okay, so obviously the first thing people think about when dating a pilot is ‘what are the perks when it comes to travelling?

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So, why do you want to a date pilot if there are so many obstacles?

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