Updating graphic drivers

Take out the metal cover on the case so it fits, and slot the card in until it clicks into place. To ensure compatibility, check the manufacturer's website for driver downloads.

It should be the largest of the pci slots, and if you cant find them, you shouldn't be fiddling around inside your computer!An error report is then sent to the manufacturer, they then try to solve the error and work out a solution in the code of the driver, after enough error's are fixed or on a monthly basis a new build of the driver code is released for the public to download.As new programs or games are created they contain different codes and new technologies unfamiliar to the drivers currently installed, the drivers and the programs converse and it's sometimes as if a program speaks a language unfamiliar to the driver, and so the hardware behaves incorrectly, causing crashes to the program and even sometimes stresses and crashes the computer itself.You can find the serial numbers of these cards on the cards themselves.Just open your case and pull them out to get a good look. Just visit those sites, plug in your serial numbers, and you will get their model names.

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To update a graphics card, you don't download some software on your computer to have better graphics.

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