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Simple, it runs on Ubuntu Linux and if you are familiar with Ubuntu you know that in general, hardware works right from the start without the need to look for drivers.

And if that wasn’t a good enough reason to build one, here are some more: It will allow you to burn your recordings to DVDs, it will include a jukebox to store and play all your music, it will allow you to rip CDs and DVDs, includes a Photo Gallery utility, includes emulators for your favorite game consoles, includes a web browser, displays the weather and the news, it will stream over-the-air cable or satellite programs just like you would with a Slingbox. So why did I choose Mythbuntu over all other PVR software?

Other alternatives to Mythbuntu are Knoppix, Mythdora, Freevo, etc.

(using Fedora 13 x64) I am unable to compile the kernel module for virtualbox (closed source edition) I need USB support in my virtual machines.

The story so far: I upgraded my kernel from 2.6.33to the latest

It has still not reached the plug-'n'-play stage where just about anyone can use it.

The very fact it runs on Linux already tells of the possible orientation of its users.

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