Updating pearson 30 sailboat

"the bulkhead has shifted due to the head lock." not familiar with that term, head lock.

And when you are there check the hoses that connect the cockpit drains to the scuppers. I honestly didn't have any tools with me to try to rotate the pulley when I was down at the coast Saturday.

That monel tank is probably worth more $$$ than the rest of the boat.

The gasket, which always over time allows water into the deck coring - hence rotted core, was used because the top skin of fiberglass on the deck is too thin to support a rigid stanchion base.

Some of the fiberglass by the tiller is soft, around the stanchions has some cracks in the fiberglass, the "bumper" around the boat is broke and I'm guessing that is from the damage the dock had done to it during a hurricane.

One of the stanchions was over tightened and it's pulled through part of the fibergpass.

The engine just clicks when you hit the start button, I'm not sure if moisture made it into the piston chambers due to the other owner pulling the spark plugs and leaving them out and had them rusted. It appears to be something the raw water runs though and has silicon all over the fittings.

Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk The boat does have a blower to remove gasoline fumes, right?

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The last pic - that 'black thing' is a water lift muffler ...

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