Updating to build

To update your software please follow the instructions below: 1. Select your version of Companion Link and select to download the update.

For the purposes of this guide we are using Companion Link for Outlook.

If a single commit was built by multiple build plans, you can You can also retrieve build status information and individual build results for commits using the GET methods on the Build REST API.

In the example, we'll make three requests to the build integration API, each supplying a new build result for a particular commit.

To associate a build result with a particular commit, you need to See Updating Build Results for more about states.

Note that the request doesn't specify a repository.

These could be a unit test build, an integration test build and a database matrix build (for example).

He has written several tech articles for popular newspapers and magazines and has also appeared in a few tech shows on TV channels.

Developers can integrate third-party build servers with Bitbucket Server using the Build REST API.

The examples below use c URL, a cross-platform command-line utility for transferring data over a variety of protocols.

In real life you can use any programming language or tool capable of making an HTTP request to integrate with the build integration API.

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