Valentines day ideas if you just started dating

“What makes their relationships so special is that there’s something that only they know, that only they think is fun, that only they find meaningful,” says Yue Xu, host of the podcast But Sarah May takes it one step further and recommends going fully ironic with your gift: “It’s a way to take the piss out of Valentine’s Day, because it’s got a lot of pressure built up behind it.” So instead of giving the gift of regular old Valentine’s Day candy, she jokes about giving a giant, one-pound gummy heart, “something that’s obviously silly.” We like this goofy, five-pound gummy bear (especially because it feels a little less precious than a giant teddy bear).

Y'all been at it for half a year, so you can loosen up a bit.Plus, spending this special time together doing something a little bit different can also serve as a test for your burgeoning relationship, to see if this is someone who you really like and can work with as a team.One classic option is a cooking class, which you can take the weekend before Valentine’s Day itself.But she adds that as much as you might want to just ignore this romantic holiday, “You definitely can’t do nothing at all.” The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for someone you just started seeing, then, is something that doesn’t put undue pressure on your new relationship or send the wrong message, like fancy jewelry or lingerie might.But you also don’t want this gift to come across as generic and dull.

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