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Launching as Administrator did not help, and, frankly, I'm not certain WHICH certificate is missing/broken.Also, since these are NOT using Certificate Authentication, I'm not sure where this is breaking down in the process.Even if you know that there’s only one certificate that fulfils the search criteria you’ll need to iterate over the collection.

Additionally you would need to read RFC 2560 (OCSP) and implement OCSP client.It is flexible and powerful enough and lets you perform additional, deeper checks on each step.Also this component can work with both Windows certificate storages and any other certificates, certificate chains and storages that you might have in files or in memory.The X509Chain object represents the chain of trust when checking the validity of a certificate.X509Chain Policy fine-tunes how you’d like to validate the certificate, i.e. Let’s see how the self-signed certificate we created before can be validated.

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Introduction In the previous post we looked at some basic classes in the . We saw how to load, inspect, install and remove certificates.

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