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If you need to disable the metaclass creation, add: to your code before Moose is loaded, but bear in mind that this switch is global and turns the mechanism off entirely so don't put this in library code.If a new enough version of Class:: XSAccessor is available, it will be used to generate simple accessors, readers, and writers for better performance.They each will be called in order from the parent classes down to the child, and thus should not themselves call the parent's method.Typically this is used for object validation or possibly logging.itself is a no-op, since we generate metaclasses that are already immutable, and users converting from Moose had an unfortunate tendency to accidentally load Moose by calling it.There are several methods that you can define in your class to control construction and destruction of objects.

The default implementation accepts a hash or hash reference of named parameters. A person who loves to find out local information and engrain themselves in the local culture when they travel. Local was conceived with one thing in mind to connect travellers going to a destination with locals at the destination to find out local information to make a holiday, business trip or day trip a more enjoyable one. We have a great guide explaining how to use Local Moo that you can see here.Step 1: Search for a Local Moo'er in the city you are visiting Step 2: Read their profile, reviews and watch their video or look at their photos Step 3: Click the "Chat With Me" Button Step 4: Pay Step 5: Start asking questions How do I start my chat with the Moo'er?You will send information to the admin of the website. is based on the idea that it provides almost -- but not quite -- two thirds of Moose.

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If Moo detects Moose being loaded, it will automatically register metaclasses for your Moo and Moo:: Role packages, so you should be able to use them in Moose code without modification.

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