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Marisa Randazzo is CEO of Sigma Threat Management Associates. She also serves as director of threat assessment for Georgetown University and previously was chief research psychologist for the U. It is worth noting that one of reasons a California court ruled in December to advance a student-on-student violence case toward a jury trial was that there was at least an issue of fact as to whether the university should have referred a student assailant’s case to its violence prevention team.According to the court, that team “could have then conducted a formal threat assessment and recommended interventions that would have mitigated the threat [the alleged perpetrator] posed to students.” Colleges have the opportunity to encourage widespread knowledge of and reporting to their threat assessment and management teams. No one reported information about the Mc Cluskey matter to the university’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, which handles sexual assault, IPV and stalking cases.

One promising practice we have seen involves the use of a Title IX/Clery case management team, which meets weekly (or more often as needed) and includes representatives from the university’s Title IX/EEO office, campus police, human resources, housing, student conduct, counseling and other relevant departments.We hope this discussion of common challenges and opportunities will help colleges and universities to adopt practices to deal most effectively with cases of intimate partner violence and stalking -- starting with the creation of threat assessment and management teams. Nolan is the chair of the education practice group at Dinse, PC, and a senior consultant with Sigma Threat Management Associates.He consults with, represents and does training and investigations for colleges and universities throughout the United States on issues including Title IX/Clery Act compliance and threat assessment.Given our extensive backgrounds in Title IX, Clery Act and campus threat assessment issues, we recognized that when a college receives a report of intimate partner violence or stalking, the institution may have two simultaneous objectives: 1) to promote safety by addressing, to the extent it reasonably can, any misconduct through disciplinary procedures, as required by the Clery Act.This two-tiered “safety first/discipline second” approach is based on the following premises.

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It is crucial to contact university police (if the university has sworn law enforcement) or external law enforcement in all situations that appear to involve an imminent risk of harm.

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