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Lambeth’s cooperative council model – first trailed in the national media in February 2010, months before David Cameron announced his Big Society proposals – will see residents take on a bigger role in running and shaping local services.

The model contrasts with the Tory ‘Easy Council’ model in the London Borough of Barnet that aims to create two-tier services with substandard services for the majority and better options available only to those wealthy enough to pay for them. While there are some similarities with the coalition Government’s Big Society proposals, Labour’s model in Lambeth takes a more thorough-going approach applying the cooperative values of fairness, accountability and responsibility across a broad range of services.

Negotiations to acquire the site will be completed soon.

The architects Shepheard, Epstein & Hunter (who designed the rebuild of Kings Avenue school) are already working on initial plans for the school.

Suggested projects will be shortlisted before being put to the public to vote on final projects.

The closing date for submissions is 30 September 2010.

For more details contact Sarah Dickens at Lambeth Planning, Phoenix House, Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2LL or telephone 020 7926 1248.

See for details Leave a comment Filed under Arts, Charity, Churches, Education, Health, Kids, Labour Councillors, Lambeth Council, Leisure, Parks, West Norwood Tagged as Community Projects, Funding, Grants, Jackie Meldrum, Jane Pickard, Lambeth, West Norwood Lambeth Council is launching detailed proposals that will see the South London authority become Britain’s first-ever cooperative council.To show your support for the campaign for 100 more police just sign the council petition at EPetition Display.aspx?ID=329&RPID=17243862&HPID=17243862 Ward councillors and local MP Tessa Jowell visited West Norwood businesses following the disturbances on night of Monday 8th August. Attempts made to break into several shop premises in Norwood Road and the door of The Money Shop was broken down.This year the council has set aside £250,000 for 4 new projects.The council is looking for suggestions for projects needing £25,000, £50,000, £75,000 or £100,000 that would benefit the local community.

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