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What that feature does is pull a list of 20 or so people in an up to 5KM radius from you, the more people with We Chat are near you, the closer to you the hits you will get.You can filter the list by sex, and you obviously should.Again write something Simple in English, and make sure it's light, fun and PG13.Like in any dating site, a good profile pic will make it or break it, so choose wisely.

Gaming in China and not having either QQ or We Chat is the equivalent of gaming back home without Facebook/Whatsapp/i Message and whatnot, and believe me in China it's even more important.

Never try to copy Chinese guys, if you can, try to be the complete opposite from them, dress different, act different.

Here being a laowai is peacocking enough, so no need to go overboard, just look sharp and western, and don't dress like a tourist.

I'm a mid-twenties white dude, below average height (western standards), average looks, no blond hair, no blue/green eyes, so nothing in that field playing in my favor except for being a foreigner (which is a big deal in most of China).

My gaming level is intermediate, and focuses almost solely on daygame.

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