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Lastly, she does admit to Memphitz paying for her plastic surgery, but not all of it.When asked, K admitted that “Hitz Committee” paid for her breast implants and veneers, they did not pay for her butt augmentation.She didn’t flat out say that she was, but she wouldn’t say that she wasn’t talking about him either.

Now, whether it’s good or bad is up to the man and how he treats K… Michelle let the cat out of the bag about inadvertently being a side chick for Idris Elba.

So, I just wonder who the next man is gonna be before the next album, because if I don’t find one my heart, we all in trouble [laughs].” After playing the song, K continued: “He is probably somewhere mad as sh*t.

I sent all of these records to him first and he emailed me back and texted me back and said, ‘This is art!

She did say she had a bleeding cut/scrape and carpet burn from crawling and being dragged, but then said that Hitz only hit her with a water bottle. She said she had no bruises but was sore the next day as if she had an extensive work out. Michelle about an alleged text message K says Hitz saying that he was going to kill her son, K didn’t answer that directly either.

When asked she answered that it was “her belief” that he was threatening to harm her son.

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K also continues to mention a man named Glen Delgado who can corroborate her story. I could tell when I listened to her interview on The Breakfast Club most recently that she “adjusts the truth” for her benefit.

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