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The Bee Gees went into the studio in the early months of 1987 to record their reunion album for Warner Bros.After the tremendous number of songs they had been creating each year 1987 marks a sudden and long-lasting decrease in output.First, it gives very little time between recording and the release of the first single in August.Barry tends to tinker and fuss over recordings, and as the Bee Gees comeback this was a very important album to them.Second, it gives too much time after the ‘demo’ recordings, which are said to be late 1986.But until more detail becomes available, who knows?The first song they completed, ‘You Win Again’, would the first single.

The ‘demo’ of ‘E S P’ on the box set Tales from the Brothers Gibb is at this second stage.

Barry Gibb — vocal; guitar (‘You Win Again’, ‘The Longest Night’, ‘Angela’ ‘Overnight’, ‘Giving Up the Ghost’); drum programming (‘Angela’, ‘Live or Die’) Robin Gibb — vocal Maurice Gibb — vocal, keyboards (‘You Win Again’, ‘The Longest Night’, ‘Live or Die’, ‘Crazy for Your Love’, ‘Giving Up the Ghost’); guitar (‘Angela’, ‘Overnight’); drum programming (‘You Win Again’, ‘Live or Die’); sequenced guitar (‘This Is Your Life’) Robbie Kondor — keyboards (‘You Win Again’, ‘E S P’, ‘The Longest Night’ ‘Angela’, ‘Backtafunk’, ‘Overnight’, ‘Giving Up the Ghost’); guitar (‘Live or Die’) Rhett Lawrence — drum programming (‘You Win Again’, ‘E S P’, ‘The Longest Night’, ‘Overnight’); keyboards (‘Angela’); synthesizer (‘E S P’, ‘The Longest Night’) Greg Phillingames — piano (‘Angela’); keyboards (‘Crazy for Your Love’, ‘This Is Your Life’); drum programming (‘Crazy for Your Love’); synthesizer (‘Giving Up the Ghost’) Marcus Miller — bass (‘E S P’, ‘The Longest Night’, ‘Backtafunk’) Brian Tench — programming (‘Angela’, ‘This Is Your Life’, ‘Giving Up the Ghost’) Nick Moroch — guitar (‘Angela’, ‘The Longest Night’, ‘Backtafunk’, ‘Overnight’) Reb Beach — guitar (‘E S P’, ‘Overnight’) Reggie Griffin — guitar (‘Backtafunk’, ‘Giving Up the Ghost’); drum programming (‘Giving Up the Ghost’) Tony Beard — drums (‘Backtafunk’, ‘Giving Up the Ghost’) Joe Mardin — programming (‘Crazy for Your Love’, ‘This Is Your Life’) Will Lee — bass (‘Angela’) Sammy Figueroa — percussion (‘Backtafunk’) Arif Mardin — synthesizer bass (‘Backtafunk’); sequenced guitar (‘This Is Your Life’ Bob Gay — sax (‘Backtafunk’) basic tracks arranged by Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb orchestral arrangements by Arif Mardin, Robbie Kondor, Reg Griffin engineer: Brian Tench; Scott Glasel producer: Arif Mardin, Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Brian Tench about January to March 1987, Middle Ear, Miami Beach; Criteria Recording Studios, Miami Sessions for the Bee Gees album E S P.

Recording of demos began in 1986, in New York in October and then at Maurice’s home studio in Miami Beach, but dates are unknown, so all of it is shown here as 1987.

He presumably did so in October, but the brothers were now bringing in partially recorded songs as previously described. Since the first four happen to be the two future singles and two very good ballads, it’s pretty clear that the brothers chose them as the most important songs from a larger collection of candidates.

The chronology here assumes that the copyright dates follow the dates of the finished recordings produced by Arif Mardin. That is, these are not the first songs written, but the first songs brought to some stage of completion that would be protected by copyright. Since the songs were not being performed publicly and were not being offered to other artists, there was no need for copyright registration before the finished recordings were completed.

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