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I think if any woman goes through all those things for a guy, that should prove something to them, but sometimes I feel like maybe I just wasn’t enough for him.

Did competing on this show change your friendship with Cathy? Before the show started, we made a pact that no matter what happened, we wouldn’t let it affect our friendship.

You know, I always wanted to make it work with Frank. It’s really hard to hang out in a normal environment because you’re constantly hiding from people and you have to keep it a secret, so we weren’t allowed to go out in public places and hang out like normal people and have fun together.

We were stuck in a hotel room whenever we hung out, and there’s only so much you can do in a hotel room.

What has your communication with Frank been like since the show?

When the show first ended, it was great for about three days.

Harriet Mc Gurk, his second wife, is a pediatrician.I tried to not speak with him anymore for a little while, because I felt like every time I spoke to him it would just hurt my feelings. There’s no resentment, but I feel like Frank didn’t really give me a chance.I feel like on the show he saw that I was trying so hard with all these crazy challenges and all these other girls.They would've either been refered as the Nazis or Axis within authorities.Or with soldiers, various names were given such as: Fritzs, Krauts, or Jerrys.

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