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For his portrayal of Ric, Furze has been nominated for various accolades, some of which were in the categories of "Best Actor" and "Most Popular Actor".Actor Mark Furze joined the cast of Home and Away in 2004.Eric "Ric" Dalby is a fictional character from the Australian Channel Seven soap opera Home and Away, played by Mark Furze.He appeared in the series from 15 September 2004 until 24 July 2008.After the initial audition process Furze was called back to carry out a screen test with Ray Meagher and Indiana Evans who play Alf Stewart and Matilda Hunter respectively. She saw beyond his rebellious exterior to the playful, insecure boy beneath Initially the serial's official website said that Ric takes "great pleasure" in bullying those who he sees as vulnerable.He was successful and Furze said he found the experience "very daunting" to begin with. However, after spending time in Summer Bay he changes his ways and becomes a "stand-up guy".Furze said that Ric's aggressive nature was "awesome" to portray.He opined that it made him one of the best characters as Ric always gets into fights, adding "it's great when he snaps at everyone".

Furze said he was okay with the changes to his persona and said that Ric's "good sides" to his persona would continue to develop.Both Furze and interested media noted that Ric getting involved in fights became a dominant feature throughout his tenure.Ric's use of violence has been central to various plots which have led him into trouble.Upon moving to Summer Bay, the serial implemented family links when he is revealed to be the grandson of long-standing character Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher).Flynn Saunders (Joel Mc Ilroy) and Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) also give him a home and foster him.

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