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Natasha appeared as the title character in ' as a contestant representing the UK.On 24 September, Natasha reached the final on Day 29 and placed 3rd.Natasha is no stranger to family controversy, saying: "I've literally had four relationships my whole life.I've tried so hard to make things as easy for the kids - it's easy to judge.The following year, Hamilton married Riad Erraji, the couple had a quite long relationship from 2007-2013.Hamilton miscarried her future's 1st child with Riad Erraji & her future third child after six weeks of pregnancy. Soon after her divorce, Hamilton was found dating Richie Neville and was engaged from 2013-2016. When Hamilton was thirty-two years old, she gave birth to her fourth child, a daughter, Ella Rose Neville on 22 September 2014.She said: "We share food in the fridge, we don't share a bed.

It's hard to hold down a relationship with everything that's going on,’ she added.

Natasha had quite ups and downs regarding her love life and married life. Later, Hamilton was seen having an affair with Gavin Hatcher. She gave birth to her second child named Harry Hatcher on 31 December 2004.

Natasha was in a relationship with her first boyfriend, Fran Cosgrave from April 2001 to January 2003 and they were also engaged. However, their relation couldn't stay strong and got divorced.

The Liverpudlian beauty has three other children, - Josh, 13, Harry, 10, and Alfie, 4.

Her eldest son was recently bullied at school when other kids taunted him about his "4x4 mum".

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