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That's one reason she's in an odd place at the moment. There are other answers, but it'll take us a minute to get there.She was born in 1971, in a farmhouse somewhere outside Winona, Minnesota, to writer Cynthia Palmer Horowitz and writer/rare-book dealer Michael Horowitz, who tied off her umbilical cord with a sterilized shoelace.She spent a few years of her life on a commune before fifth columning into small-town Petaluma in junior high, grew up with Timothy Leary as her godfather, knew Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti as friends of her parents.Read in 1989, in Ryder's "Hot Actress" cover story.Winona Ryder has this problem, and as problems go it's pretty solidly in the first-world category, she knows, but it's a problem, still: She'll be having a conversation with somebody—an interesting conversation, the kind two regular people have when they discover a mutual admiration for, like, Philip Roth's nearly everyone she meets already has "this whole idea" of who she is, already thinks they know everything there is to know about her, more or less. I was like, ' He's anti-Semitic and he's homophobic.' No one believed me! But everything I think I know about Winona Ryder, famous actress, is sort of burning a hole in my pocket, and I'm starting to wonder if she's doing this on purpose, trying to blow past that moment where we acknowledge the room's considerable elephant population.And inevitably when this happens, she starts thinking about what it is people think they know about her, which is never a good idea, and the conversation never really recovers. He said something about 'oven dodgers,' but I didn't get it. When she does allude to the elephants, it's in passing, as if I wouldn't know they're there—she says things like "My first relationship was very public" (you don't say!Her dream was to become a weird character actress, like Ruth Gordon from Behind her the two Moving Men bring in a matching blue leather armchair. Lydia, age 14, is a pretty girl, but wan, pale, and overly dramatic, dressed as she is in her favorite color, black.She's a combination of a little death rocker and an '80s version of Edward Gorey's little girls.... we like her a lot., by Michael Mc Dowell and Warren Skaaren; she got that part, despite mistaking Tim Burton for a prop guy at her audition.

Ryder—tiny, in a newsboy cap and a City Lights Bookstore T-shirt and a tangle of gold necklaces—has been talking about the . Ryder's in it for maybe ten minutes, and all of them are crazy and important.But by then it was the turn of the '90s, Nirvana was tuning up somewhere out in Washington, and quirkyindiewhateverism was about to have a moment in the spotlight, a moment for which Winona—luminous and vulnerable and well-read and skeptical in fundamental ways about all this attention—is sort of the perfect movie star.Hip musicians named songs after her—countrified sad-boy ballads, sarcastic feedback mash notes.Lydia is cool, Lydia is sullen, Lydia is her father's daughter by his first marriage. So began a streak where—even though she never became a huge box-office draw—every project she touched had a pop life.Or maybe she brought the pop life with her wherever she went.

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