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My level of English was not so good, that is why I had a lot of concerns and worries, but Elena and Marina did not allow me to lose heart. Finally, I found a man, with whom I feel absolutely happy! Thank you again for your work, for your coaching, faith in love and admonish people in that!

Peter (Denmark, 38 years old) and Elina (Russia, 34 years old) It all started a few years ago after I had visited various dating sites on the internet to find great love.

In this regard, I found Happy Life, which sounded credible to me.

It was a good experience when I wrote to Happy Life for the first time and told them about myself and about my wishes and dreams for my future.

They helped right from the first step, they helped me to choose some good profile pictures of myself, afterward to formulate the first letter, and then with visits, visas and other questions, I've had along the way. I honestly believed that a good university degree, life experience and my favorite books on psychology made me know everything. It is great that you didn’t give up and kept telling me the ugly truth. But we brought our meeting into the discussion a few times, and I think it will eventually happen. Petersburg) Even if it does not work out, I'm grateful to you for our match!

Soon it will be a year as I'm married to the most wonderful Russian woman, who is giving me all that I've ever wanted. I really feel different now, womanly, light, airy girl, and now also loving and loved! Me and Sasha, we are happy to have met each other thanks to you! Will send you photos from our wedding for sure :) Good evening, Lena!!! And for now, he sent me 101 roses as a holiday gift ))) December!!! Thank you for this journey, that I'm passing along with you and with your support.

It is incredible how you changed me, I have really become a whole different person, regarding my look, and perception of the world, and my attitude towards life. I sincerely wish you success, prosperity, and love. We invite you to attend our wedding, which will take place on September 2016. We are not ashamed of having met in a dating agency, so you can place our review and photo in the public domain :) Natalia and I get married yesterday.You can say that I was able to fall in love with him and this my feeling is mutual :)) I get used to a new life in a quiet way ... Wake up and fall asleep in arms of my beloved one... Girls, most importantly, I want to tell you many thanks !!!! For the opportunity to make my life full and saturated! Giovani should to do a lot and learn together, but most importantly we were able to find each other. It was very comfortable and pleasant to work with you (I will recommend Your Agency to their friends). Over 5 years of work of our Agency more than once heard the question: "Are you married? Sometimes the impression that this is the only indicator of the success of the Agency and many were only waiting for the day when I ..the full review Ekaterina (Moscow, 31) and Oleg (Omsk, 36) My dear, amazing, precious fairy girls! I wanted so much to tell you this news first, I am sure you will be sincerely happy for us! My boyfriend is from Omsk, but he is currently living in Moscow.The most important thing now this is my beloved man !!! After all, I have not been married for 20 years ... A girl from the snow-covered Siberia and the southern hot temperamental Italian! Today Oleg proposed to me and we decided to marry!!!! After two months’ chatting and one meeting on May holidays we spent a holiday together in June, now we are thinking about how and where to organize our life together. We have worked with matchmaking agency since 2015, I got a lot of offers from matchmakers, but still could not choose "my beloved one". ⠀ Alex (53 years old, New York, USA) and Svetlana (47 years old, New York, USA) Dear Elena and Marina. Thank you again for your advice and recommendation. Man of my dreams proposed to me and we will marry soon!

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