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It was configured with simple text files easily understood by mortals, and it was a friendly constant amid the roiling seas of change. Linux has been contentedly using sysvinit (System V initialization) to manage system startups for ever so many years now, except for distributions like Slackware that use the BSD-style init.As an everyday practical matter this seems to address one of my pet peeves, and that is how many distros launch Avahi and the Bluetooth daemons at startup.I have no use for either, so I always disable them.So what’s with this new systemd thingy, and what benefits does it bring to us mere Linux users? At boot the kernel launches PID 1, the very first process to run at startup.(Run the command to see a nice artistic ASCII diagram of your process tree.) It used to be that the BIOS and sysvinit were equal offenders in dragging boot times out to a minute or more.

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