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Actually, when we look at studies, those places are not the best places to meet someone.

I wanted to take all that research information and make it available to the public. I talk on the radio, I'm on Fox TV in Detroit every week, and I do many relationship columns, advice columns, and Q&A's.

Instead of making the other person feel closer to you, it actually makes them feel less trusting. I tell people that on a first date, you should not discuss your ex-spouse, your past relationships, or why your marriage did not work.

I encourage people not to go into their legal woes, their money problems, their custody battles on the first date.

The good thing about joining a group is that you'll already know these people share your same interests and maybe values, too. You might have to go through a lot of bad blind dates, but they can be successful!

Because when you think about it, someone who knows you both thinks that you might have a common thread, something that you share.

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